These fantastic writers and teachers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. You are automatically registered for all sessions -- enjoy!

Brooke Adams Law

Book Coach & Hybrid Publisher, Writing Brave

Mary Adkins

Lead Instructor & Founder, The Book Incubator

Chad Allen

Writing Coach, BookCamp

Sandra Beckwith

Build Book Buzz

Brian Berni

Co-Founder and CEO, BookAds

Matthew Blasi

Author and Professor of English

Sue Brown-Moore

Fiction Book Coach, SueBrownMoore.com

Lakeisha Cadogan


Jessie Cal

Kat Caldwell

Cameron Clarkson

Founder | CEO, BookBlaster.io

Lara Ferrari

Founder, Lemon Friday

Jendia Gammon

Tracee Garner

Garner Solutions, LLC

Debbie Gonzales

Founder, Pin Lit Marketing

Kristen Kieffer

Eva Langston

Rachel May

Gabriela Pereira

Natasha C. Sass

Founder, Indie Writer's Workshop

Julie Tyler Ruiz PhD

Creator, StoryBold

Daniel Wallace

Daniel David Wallace

Maryrose Wood

Founder, Path of the Storyteller