What is the All Access Pass?

Aside from giving the full summit experience, this pass gives you lifetime access to all the replays and as well as a series of great bonuses from the experts all around the world.

Once you have paid access, you can slow down, knowing you'll be able to watch the sessions more than once. You can return to the talks that spoke to you the most and watch them in your own time, long after the event is over.

You will also get these bonuses from the speakers

Rachel May's Masterclass Recording

Natasha Sass' invitation to Bookfunnel Promotion

Kat Caldwell's Start Mastering Your Author Newsletter online course

Mary Adkins' storyboard template 

Dr. Julie Tyler Ruiz's e-journal for writers

Cameron Clarkson's Bottomless Book Sales

Jessie Cal's Ignite Your Fanbase PDF

Bonus Session from Sandra Beckwith

Lakeisha Cadogan's Tips to get unstuck workbook

Lara Ferrariā€™s 3 ways to sell your book (without being salesy) workbook