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A four day event to expand your craft skills: how to share more of your work, build an audience, and live a life filled with creativity. We tend to think of writing as a solitary activity, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, the more you connect with other writers and readers, the more inspired you may become. 

We believe the more you interact with your readers, followers, and other authors, the more your confidence will grow, along with your writing skills.

This is an online summit for finding and growing your audience while you are still writing your book -- and how to build your network after you finish it. These fantastic speakers will show you how.

JULY 24TH - 27TH OF 2021

An online conference for writers who want to find their next reader: even if you are just starting your writing and publishing journey.

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Here's the plan:

This summit will guide you through a structured learning process, with each day providing a crucial new lesson. Of course, we don't know exactly where you stand right now, but we've designed the event like a training course or class, taking you step by step to a deeper connection with the reading and writing world.
the four days of the event -- sharing your work, sending it out, building your platform, and living a literary life

A plan for each day

Day one (Saturday 24th): Share Your Work -- how to connect with readers while you are still writing your book.

Day two (Sunday 25th): Send It Out -- tactics and techniques for sending your work out into the world.

Day three (Monday 26th): A Platform You Will Love -- how to create a place online your readers can find you.

Day four (Tuesday 27th): A Life Filled with Writing -- connect to other authors, build local literary community, and earn a living from your skills. 

5 days
21 speakers
6 categories

FREE BONUS DELIVERED INSTANTLY WHEN YOU REGISTER: DANIEL's TAlk on giving a public reading of your work.

In a short video, Daniel will share his four tips for delivering a memorable reading of your work -- both in person or on Zoom. We'll email this video to you after you register (at any level, free or paid).

Here's what others are saying

What makes these events so special?

My online events are friendly, supportive spaces where everyone is welcome. 

The team works hard to create inclusive events where speakers feel safe and welcome: all attendees agree to a code of conduct at the start and I remove people from the event who can’t keep to it. You can see the link to the Code of Conduct at the top.

And since we got started, these writers' summits have gained a lot of attention. I've been interviewed by tech companies and spoken on The Rebel Author podcast (episode 93).

Free to attend / upgrade for the full learning experience

Find your Readers is 100% free to watch live. You can attend every talk and catch the replays for up to 24 hours after each session airs.

However, for the full experience, you should get the All Access Pass. This pass gives you on-going access to all the replays (what people sometimes call "lifetime access") as well as a series of great bonuses.


Have you booked your place yet?

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From Daniel's previous events

Lynne “The 3 sessions on the character first novel were so timely for me and really helped me with a new story.”

Kayla M. "It has already enhanced my WIP for NaNoWriMo"

Adele S. “You covered everything. From how to write a novel to how to publish it. Great context. Very well organized. ”

Leah S. “The conference provided a wealth of useful and inspiring information. It was fantastic!”

Charles S. “The memories were pleasantly surprising and inspiring because it was explained from different perspectives.”

Charlie K. “ All the resources were really useful and everyone was so warm and welcoming.”

Mary M. "I appreciated the hour or two breaks between the presentations because most of us are multi-tasking. I did miss one morning so have to catch up. The Plot Pass made that worry free.”

Patrick M. "It feels great! Lots of different ideas!"