Find Your Readers Summit 2022

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Learn new techniques to connect with readers in this live event

A four day event to expand your craft skills: how to share more of your work, build an audience, and live a life filled with creativity. Expert teachers will give talks on using Kickstarter, video book launch parties,  subscription models, newsletters, and many other tools to develop deeper connections to readers, supporters, and industry contacts. 

You'll learn how to write a query letter to an agent, sustain a low-stress mailing list, pitch ideas to journalists, tell a memorable story about yourself, design a personal style for author events, and create a Facebook ads campaign -- even if you are still working on your first book.

We tend to think of writing as a solitary activity, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, the more you connect with other writers and readers, the more inspired you may become.

We believe the more you interact with your readers, followers, and other authors, the more your confidence will grow, along with your writing skills.

This is an online summit for finding and growing your audience while you are still writing your book -- and how to build your network after you finish it. These fantastic speakers will show you how.

The PLan for your writing life

This summit will guide you through a structured learning process, with each day providing a crucial new lesson. We've designed the event like a training course or class, taking you step by step to a deeper connection with the reading and writing world. 

All you need is access to Zoom and the same web browser you are using now. As long as you watch every talk within the 24 hours after it is posted, the entire event is available for free. However, the best way to experience all these talks is to buy the "All Access Pass" -- this allows you to watch the replays as many times as you want.

Four themes of the summit

Instant bonus video: How to read your story in public

As soon as you register, you'll receive this free bonus video from me: it's my framework for giving a successful public reading of your writing. I've read my stories at conferences, in pubs, and over Zoom: here's how I make sure my time at the microphone ends with the audience wanting to learn more.

wondering what last year's attendees Felt about the summit?
Watch this one-minute video:

17 ways to find your next reader

Find Your Reader Summit 2022 is delivered entirely online. Most sessions are delivered straight to your web browser -- and we'll email you an hour before each session begins. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your writing, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

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6 days
18 speakers
5 categories
(Wondering why so many writers attend these summits again and again, returning each year? Our great sense of community and our strong code of conduct.)

Your Host

I'm Daniel David Wallace, an award-winning writer and teacher. I spent four years of a PhD researching new ways to help writers like you tell a great story.

My stories, reviews, and essays have been published in great magazines like Tampa Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Air Schooner, and my writing won me awards like the Toni Brown scholarship and the Hodges prizes. 

But when I sent my first novel to the big publishing houses, it was rejected. This was a tough experience! And so I designed a way of teaching storytelling that the younger me would have wanted to find, the "character-first" approach.

I'm grateful that this approach has resonated with so many people: 7,000 writers read my newsletter each week and, without leaving my home in Tennessee, I've forged connections online with so many great teachers and authors.

In this event, I've design an intense four-day training program for you, how to share more of your work, build an audience, and live a life filled with creativity.

I am so happy to bring back the Find your Readers summit for its second year and I can't wait to get to know you and all the other participants.

More REviews of last year's summit

“ All the resources were really useful and everyone was so warm and welcoming.”

“The 3 sessions on the character first novel were so timely for me and really helped me with a new story.”


“The Character First session, where we talked about Orientation burst open such an AHA! moment for me. It's already transforming my writing, and I am eternally grateful." - Paige T.

“The memories were pleasantly surprising and inspiring because it was explained from different perspectives.”

"It has already enhanced my WIP for NaNoWriMo"

"This was a highly instructive summit and did not simply regurgitate the same topics we've been fed over and over. There were topics I didn't even know were topics and speakers I'd never heard of and I loved that so much.” - Frances P.

"It feels great! Lots of different ideas!"

“The conference provided a wealth of useful and inspiring information. It was fantastic!”

"The 7 essential tips lecture was inspiring and helpful, the talk about plot payoff was incredibly organized and taught me a great deal, the lecture series organized by Daniel offered very easily digested ideas that simplified the conceptual side of creating a story. ” - Julia F.

"I appreciated the hour or two breaks between the presentations because most of us are multi-tasking. I did miss one morning so have to catch up. The Plot Pass made that worry free.”

“You covered everything. From how to write a novel to how to publish it. Great context. Very well organized. ”

“Hearing such a wide range of speakers talk about their craft with such passion. Listening to them gave me the enthusiasm and determination to keep going with the story I have lodged in my head.” - Zoe J.

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