Jendia Gammon

A multi-genre author, science writer, and artist who gives workshops on social media for writers. Starting off in independent publishing and moving into traditional publishing, Jendia offers years of experience in self-promotion and community building via various social media channels.

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Jendia Gammon, who also writes as J. Dianne Dotson, is the science fiction, fantasy, and horror author of THE SHADOW GALAXY: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (Trepidatio Publishing) and the upcoming Lunarpunk YA SFF novel THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN (Android Press, 10.24.23) as well as the four-book space opera series THE QUESTRISON SAGA® (Heliopause; Ephemeris; Accretion; and Luminiferous). Jendia’s short fiction is featured in anthologies and magazines. She holds a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and spent several years working in both ecological and clinical research. Jendia is also a science writer for online publications and is an artist. She is known for writing characters people fall in love with, in extraordinary settings with intricate world-building. Jendia is represented by Laura Bennett of Liverpool Literary Agency. Learn more about Jendia on her website.

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Thriving on Social Media

07 August 2023, 06:00 PM
Jendia Gammon